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Individuals and groups find enjoyment and faith enrichment by visiting locations that are meaningful to their religious traditions.  Protestants may wish to explore Luther Land in Germany, especially sites like Wittenberg or Augsburg where the Reformation was born.  Roman Catholics may feel blessed by going to famous pilgrimage sites, cathedrals and monestaries.

The Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany, is presented only every ten years.  It is the most attended happening of its type anywhere in the world.  It is not too early to begin planning this once in a lifetime experience that will not be held again until the year 2020.  You may wish to join one of our groups, or gather a contingent from your church or a group of churches in your area.  Sponsoring churches or other religious organizations receive a benefit based on the number of travelers comprising the group.



THORPE TOURS has two distinct itineraries including the 2010 OBERAMMERGAU PASSION PLAY


Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic
15 days, departing August 25

In addition to being blessed by attending the Play itself, picture yourself:

Strolling the same streets that Pope Benedict walked as a youth
Following in the footsteps of Martin Luther, where he was born, worked and died.
Sleeping in a medieval castle or Monastery
Exploring Munich, "the village with a million inhabitants"
Having your spirits lifted in the Weiskirche Pilgrimage church, possibly at Mass




Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic
June 7-19

Preliminary to finding yourself at "passionspiele 2010" this tour will introduce you to:

Berlin, best known for its extraordinary diversity as well as remnants of "the wall" and memorable attractions
Wittenberg, where Luther spent most of his life and where he posted the 95 theses
Other notable Luther haunts such as where he was born, preached his last sermon and died
Many other sights, attractions, and vistas which tie history and modern Germany together



    Each of these itineraries includes much more than outlined in these brief lists.  For more details, including prices, please contact us by:

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