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As we become more mature we become more interested in our family background.  Genealogy research is becoming more popular than ever.  Folks who have visited the village or farm from which their ancestors immigrated testify that it was one of the most moving times in their life!

If you know these roots locations, you are very fortunate.  If you are not sure, there are numerous ways of making these connections.  Perhaps we can help.



The church where my grandparents were married in Norway and where my American granddaughter was baptized.


There are three ways we would like to suggest to make such a visit a reality:
  - On our small group itineraries we often make reasonable deviations from the planned route to visit a guest's particular point of interest.
  - An extension of a planned number of days can usually be provided without any additional air fare, including a stopover at a neighboring country.
  - We arrange travel for family groups that often include a family reunion type gathering in "the old country".  By bringing a group together, substantial savings are enjoyed.




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